HH Camp
Recognized Universe of The Burning Man Multiverse
Ready to Join Forces?
"A New Earth in The Virtual Now"

This is not another Zoom event!
This will be an immersive experience like no other. Grab an avatar and enter our magical world of transformation and co-creation. Harmonizing Humanity MetaBurn Camp will feature the Main Stage with over 100 Speakers & Performers, along with a Community Town Hall, Goddess Temple, Immersive Art Installations, Fire Circles and so much more…

[Aug 31st-Sep 6th]

“A Global Revolutionary Event, That Will Change The World as It Happens.”

[Harmonizing Humanity MetaBurn Camp]
Welcome to The Start of a Whole New World!

Are you ready to step up and take an active part in shaping our future?

Are you tired of being alone on your mission and awakening journey?

Are you ready to meet your soul family?

Are you tired of all the fake news, propaganda and old earth systems?

Are you ready for your voice to be heard?

Then join us as we unite together to raise the vibration of the planet at the first-ever virtual Burn as we usher in the next Golden Age of Humanity!

Sacred Economies, Abundance, Permaculture, Yoga, Tantra, Ascension, Disclosure, Healing Trauma, The Future of Health & Wellness, 5D Technology, Sacred Sexuality, Ancient Wisdom, Mass Meditations and So Much More...
Our virtual experiences bring together some of the world's greatest speakers and leaders, who are driven to help guide humanity through this great shift on earth.
We bring together some of the greatest musicians from around the world, whose music has the power to uplift your soul and inspire change.
Our virtual event platforms bring you into a magical world of transformation and co-creation. With a multitude of high-frequency activities to choose from.

Burning Man


Harmonizing Our Waters

Replay from our Harmonizing Water Stage at Earthstock

"The greatest threat to our planet is the thought that someone else will save it."
- Robert Swan