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Summit Activities
Don't Just Sit & Watch the Summit. Play, Learn, Experience & Grow.
❂ Immerse Yourself in Co-Creation ❂

A powerful selection of activities designed to immerse you in transformation and guidance as you fully align to your soul’s mission and unite with others from around the world to co-create our future.

“A Global Revolutionary Event, That Will Change The World as It Happens.”

World Cafe Lounge Zone
Community tables big enough to serve an international community of active, curious learners who use the power of meaningful conversation for creating positive change in the world.
Akashic Records Reading
Tap into the infinite knowledge of the Akashic Records which keep a record of time past, present and future on earth and within the vast universe or universes. Discover the answers to all of your most dire questions.
Impact Investor Roundtable
Participate in our shark tank style investor round table designed to offer social entrepreneurs, conscious companies, and impact projects the chance to pitch their ideas to a table of impact investors.
Sound Healing Sanctuary
Immerse yourself in harmonious healing sounds and sonic activations orchestrated by sound healers from around the world. If you are a sound healer feel free to join the magic in our sonic sanctuary of sound.
Vibe Zone
The vibe zone hosted by Bioharmonic Technologies is an area combing sound, light, frequency, and vibration designed to create a portal activation for collaborative co-creation in this high-frequency space.
Ascension Activations
Immerse yourself in a sea of scalar waves and healing frequencies in this immersive activation zone hosted by Ascended. Enjoy guided meditations, quantum activations, and guidance on accelerating your ascension process.
More Experiences Coming Soon...
NYE 2020
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July 24-27th