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Meet Our Charity The Eco Rainbow Goddesses

Eco Rainbow Goddesses 501-c3 Charitable Organization built on a collaborative and contributive model.


e are the keepers of the earth, of living naturally and of honoring diverse indigenous medicine paths. We are alchemists of heart, body, mind, soul & planetary stewardship. We create beauty out of waste, we honor the seasons and we are here to embody the wisdom of GAIA Mother Earth. We are: Eco Rainbow Goddesses

Our Vision is to bring global communities together to reconnect to themselves, to mother nature, to the spirit of unity in diversity & to the highest potential for living regeneratively on this planet and with each other.

Our mission is to raise a sisterhood of sacred goddess temples across the Earth, which serve as centers for spiritual purification, physical and creative expression & environmental healing. We build the bridges between healthy soil, water, air, crops, food, natural geometrical building & healthy body-mind-spirit. Our educational services are for women and community members in need of reconnection with nature.  We serve as cultural renovation hubs, merging holistic and abundant living art forms with permaculture earth sciences and teachings of goddess culture driven by unity in community.

Harmonizing Humanity & Eco Rainbow Goddesses

With a percentage of contributions collected from Harmonizing Humanity we run outreach programs throughout the year to raise the first Eco Rainbow Goddesses Sacred Temple, where we will run Permaculture, Herbal, Nutrition, Movement, Holistic Health & Sacred Plant Healing Apprenticeships, Scholarships & Opportunities For Women & Populations In need with in Ascendia’s  Eco Futuristic Healing Resorts & Villages of an ancient future.

A Community Built on Supporting Solutions For Our Future

Harmonizing Humanity is also a cooperative online platform where other charitable projects are supported, and empowered as we all get the chance to lift each other into higher frequencies of being.

Our interweb support network is only possible thanks to the unique international blend of harmonizers found at Harmonizing Humanity. We are honored to launch this online festival and watch it grow steadily year after year and turn into the thriving global community, A harmonizing family with no borders, looking after each other and uplifting our planet!

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

– Robert Swan
AboutHarmonizing Humanity
A collective of global citizens joined together to raise the vibration and harmonize humanity as we transition through this great shift here on Earth.

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