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How We Are Shaping a Brighter Future

We are building a perpetually growing force of social impact, both on a micro and macro spectrum.


n order to bring forth the greatest change for all of humanity in a time that we need it most, it will take a combination of unification and decentralization. By unifying together under one cohesive platform which is built to perpetually promote action on a global scale we can begin to actively take part in shaping the future that we all want and need to see. The systems on the planet which are currently collapsing have run their course for long enough. It’s time to begin shifting to new systems designed to decentralize power and promote wellbeing for all.


As we transition into this new normal, it’s crucial that we remain transparent & focused on supporting the right causes. That’s why we are uniting with charity organizations around the world who are working on solutions for humanity’s biggest problems and that will only use donations for their designated purpose.

A Decentralized Hub Designed to Rapidly Change The Trajectory of Our Future

Harmonizing Humanity acts as a central hub to accumulate and direct resources towards organizations who are focused on different aspects of healing the planet and bettering life for humanity. These efforts will allow us to actively start shaping the future of our planet and show the results of our efforts to our community through inspiring and impactful content.

Meet Our Current Harmonizing Humanity Charity Partners

50% of all our ticket sales will be split between our charity partners, along with 100% of our Goddess Temple Ticket upgrade will be going to the Eco Rainbow Goddesses.

Eco Rainbow Goddesses

Eco Rainbow Goddesses 501-c3 Charitable Organization built on a collaborative & contributive model. Bringing global communities together to reconnect to themselves, to nature, to the spirit of unity & the highest potential for living regeneratively on this planet & with each other.

Wellness for Humanity

Wellness for Humanity Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) who provide life-enhancing wellness platforms to those crushed under the financial weight of extended illness. We believe that vibrant health & wellness is a priority.

The School of Dreams

The School of Dreams is a 501-c3 charitable organization aims to build community centers in third world countries around the world, to love, educate, and inspire children. Our #1 Goal is to provide the tools and inspiration for the children to reach for their dreams for a better tomorrow!
Be a Part of Massive Change on a Global Scale With Every Interaction

A percentage of all sales on this website will go directly to our network of charities. We are constantly looking for the best charities to support during this current pandemic so that we can assist humanity through this transition. If you know of any charity organizations that you feel we should support please reach out to us here!

AboutHarmonizing Humanity
A collective of global citizens joined together to raise the vibration and harmonize humanity as we transition through this great shift here on Earth.

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    We realised we really wanted to catch a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes of the companies we looked up to. And we thought other people would want to know too.

  2. October 8, 2018

    So we decided to organise an event to share these stories. Today, we run monthly Show & Tell events and an annual conference to learn from the people behind the products we all know and love.


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