Starting May 22nd 2020
An Educational Online Program For Children

In our monthly online program, we gather the best teachers in the areas of natural learning, art, play & mindfulness to bring forth a fun and interactive series of live video calls that gives children the opportunity to connect with other children (even from their homes!) while learning valuable skills for their lives.

This program initially got created for all those children and parents who need to stay at home during the quarantine. For children who are sad because they can’t see their friends and get bored because they feel like “there is nothing to do” and “nothing new is happening” as well as to support parents who don’t have as much time for themselves as usual. With KIDS EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS we release parents by giving them free time and space while their kids are in an exciting experience full of learning & exploration.


Monday to Saturday we offer one 45 minutes class for kiddies (5-10 years) at 11.11 am PST and one hour class for the youth (11-14 years) at 1.11 pm PST.

Once a week we have a class for parents & children and additionally, we offer 30-minute mini-classes for kids in preschool age.

You can join us for one week or the whole month!

To keep it accessible to everyone we made it easy to afford and give one full scholarship each week.

Your first class will always be free, so come try it out!


To connect deeper with the self and explore their inner gifts Sri offers art classes that inspire children to unfold their creative potential. Through art & crafts, sounds & songs and poems & writings, kids dive deep into the world of imagination to awaken their inner genius.


Do you know that the breath is the source of our life force? Breathing techniques boost our health & vitality, immune system, mood and mental clarity. To give this as a powerful tool to children and parents is Rahquels life mission. In her classes, children will learn simple techniques that they can then integrate in their day to day lives to shift their state of being.


Layla’s passionate purpose is to create spaces for children to express all that they are through the Art of Play. She provides a platform for them to explore their innate gifts of imagination & curiosity in depth, while allowing them to embody their unique essence fully. Through Theatrical Games, Story Telling, Meditative Movement, Vocal Expression, Perspective Play, & Imagination Exploration children are led into an empowered, authentic and calmer space.


How to deal with our emotions is a valuable tool that we want to give children so that they can be present with themselves and with others. In Livy’s classes she teaches the “Shift & Shine” technique, a method that is inspired by “Heart Math”. Through that children learn to observe what feelings are coming up for them and shift them into positive ones.


Non violent communication (NVC) is an approach to living and speaking with compassion from the heart. This deepens our relationships and brings harmony into our lives. We will learn about how to identify and share our feelings and the universal needs behind those feelings. We will learn about making requests versus demands and sharing observations without blame or judgement. Other practices include empathy guesses, self responsibility of feelings, fostering emotional connection with others, and working together to find strategies that meet everyone’s needs.


Through playful activities, Alissa guides children of all ages into a space of consciously creating their reality through their words, actions and vibration. In her classes, children explore the vastity of life, learn how to integrate the laws of nature and follow their heart and intuition. They will also learn simple and powerful healing techniques that they can use for themselves and others.

Rahquel Star Achiaviatta

RahQuel Star Achiaviatta is the Director of The Energy Of Breath School, dedicated to elevating global consciousness with Gamma Breathwork, pineal and dmt activations, and with co-creating conscious education approaches and conscious communities worldwide. She is thrilled to offer Gamma Breath and Energy practices, as well as movement and grounding exercises, to our youth so they can use this as a tool for personal growth, self awareness, being heart centered and creatively self-expressed, in communion with mother earth, friends and family, and open-hearted loving community.

Alissa Zech

Alissa Zech is a holistic healer and is passionate about assisting people to fulfill their life purpose and live an integrated, wholesome life. Originally coming from Austria, she has been studying with the “LAIS” school program there to explore natural ways of learning and teaching. She has been involved in the development of various projects such as Gaia Gathering, Ascended, the new ancestral route and weaving wisdom and felt inspired to bring forth programs for children as well. Her higher vision is to support the creation and thriving of new, alternative school systems that support children and their parents in growing into their fullest potential.

Sarah Joy Blum

Sarah is currently a stay at home mom of a 3-year-old. She feels very passionate about nurturing mutual respect between parents and their children which lead her to start teaching parents about non-violent communication (NVC). Sarah has been practicing NVC for 5 years and also shared this gift with her son and his friends from a very young age. It has proven to be an amazing resource while facing the challenges of raising a toddler as well as mediating between children. She is excitedly looking forward to showing how NVC can help other children live and communicate with compassion from the heart.

Layla Rose

Layla was a lead teacher at Beit Aviv Waldorf School in Tel Aviv, working with ages 2~12. When moving to Los Angeles she became an instructor with “Jumping Gym”, alongside facilitating workshops with “Outside The Box”, teaching parents how to bond with their children through play that is aligned with science & supports brain development. Her expertise is Theater, Improvisation, LabanMovement, QiGong, and Primal Healing echo.

Alivia Durgan

Livy is a mother of three beautiful girls, a holistic wellness coach, Reiki practitioner, HeartMath Mentor. A medicine woman in the making. Her passion for health & wellness has led her through a beautiful journey that has taught her so much about the connections between the mind, body & soul. Her intention is to empower others to heal themselves. She believes we are our own healers & have the ability to live intentional & joyful lives.

Sri Mayi

Sri Mayi is a certified Waldorf teacher. She is passionate about helping children learn with their heads, hearts, and hands in a holistic way. She loves teaching kids the joy of handwork, arts & crafts, as well as cooking/baking amazing vegan dishes and growing beautiful organic gardens. She has 2 daughters who are 7 and 12. She also loves storytelling, positive propaganda, and teaching kids about our infinite potential!

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1 Week

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6 Live Classes

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4 Weeks

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4 Weeks

For 2 Siblings in The Same Age Class (5-10 or 11-14)

24 Live Classes

Access to Private Facebook Group

Parent Support Via Email

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