Acqua Xena Heart

Sacred Orgasmic Living

Acqua Xena Heart is the founder and creator of Sacred Orgasmic Dance.

She is a Super mother, Earth walker gypsy, “Sacred orgasmic Living” tv presenter and empowerment coach. She has been a dancer since birth. She has been dancing for over 30 years and is also trained in Yoga, Transformational Breathwork, Classical Indian dance, Contemporary, Bollywood & 5 Elements dance activation. She also practices hooping, fire dancing and dance yoga. She downloaded Sacred Orgasmic Dance while dancing in the jungle in Thailand for several months and was asked to spread this message of movement and connection to the world.

This is her divine mission and she has stepped up to show the way for many to come.

She is a naturally born tantrika, having Indian blood, and her gift is spreading wisdom and practice around tantra & sacred sexuality. She is the full embodiment of the divine feminine and the inner sacred union of masculine and feminine. She leads conscious sexuality and dance retreats, workshops, seminars as well as private sessions worldwide. She has trained intensely with some of the most embodied people in the field and has been fortunate that life has given her all the opportunities to live the path she preaches so she can inspire through embodiment and experience. Her favorite hobby is also that of DJ-ing and she has held many conscious events and parties worldwide where she has channeled music to heal, to celebrate life and has created her own creative style & unique identity.

Acqua also has qualifications and extensive experience in Yoga (Vinyasa, Ashtanga), Reiki, Meditation, Osho Meditations, Raw food & Nutrition Training, Belly dance, and Conscious Birthing & Parenting. She incorporates and weaves all her collective wisdom and experience into her workshops and retreat teachings.

A wild, empowered, passionate, heart-connected woman & mother she now dedicates her life to spread her joy, inspire others to become fully alive empowered masters. Showing others how to heal and become fully embodied powerful beings through Sacred Orgasmic Dance is her gift and her medicine.