Life Purpose

Hello, beloved, I am Ahaumna I help people to dissolve their biggest core fears to transform their lives and share their truth with the world by reconnecting with their spiritual essence, their soul.

For many years I was suicidal, depressed, addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sex to fill the void in my heart that felt deeply disconnected to life. I didn’t want to be human.

I knew I was a spiritual being having a human experience and I didn’t want to be having one. I was ungrounded, unstable, and it manifested as a lack of care for my body and life. I was living so out of alignment with my truth and my purpose.

I was craving for more, for divinity and in my wounding and trauma, I searched for it through getting high and numbing out the pain of feeling so lost from the truth of why I was alive.

Now, I’m living in a whole new world, a world that I created that is devoted to spirit, to humanity and to the Earth. I feel vibrant, healthy, alive and I’ve helped thousands of people to feel, do and be the same, only different, in a way that is unique to their soul purpose.