Allie McFee

Modern Goddess

I am a certified women’s health and nutrition coach through the Women’s Health Institute. My journey began with my love of natural food and holistic health.

When I became a certified raw foods chef and worked at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, I decided to discontinue using the birth control pill. I had used it for 5 years, and it was the only synthetic drug I had been taking. I learned how the pill makes it so there is no ovulation, and there is no cycle of the body naturally creating estrogen and progesterone.

After discontinuing, it took me 2 years to get back my menstrual cycle and when it came back, I experienced two weeks of it each cycle: one week of brown spotting and one week of heavy red blood flow. I felt exhausted, sugar crazed and food obsessed, with intense breast tenderness.
I studied women’s hormone health and learned how the pill, pollution, and certain foods and lifestyle habits can disrupt hormones. I used my chef-ing background to create beautiful meals to aid in promoting hormone health throughout my cycle.

My period normalized and decreased down to 3-5 days. I now feel great when it comes- no cramping or breast tenderness, hardly any bloating or mood swings, and reduced food cravings.

It feels like a miracle but it’s entirely possible and that is why it is my goal to educate women how the right nutrition and lifestyle choices can improve their menstrual cycles. Intense period pain is something we don’t have to live with! And I want to show you how.