Arthur Franklin

5D Technology Inventor

Arthur Franklin is the President and Creative Director of LightBody Designs and is one the most gifted alternative health innovators of our time. As an inventor of quantum technologies, specifically working with light, crystals and sacred geometry, his inventions sit at the forefront of health and healing.

With a passion for creating health technologies using light, sound, crystal and color therapy, Arthur is a pioneer in synergizing nature’s elements with technology. He has developed a series of products that include: Crystal blankets (and yes, he has a baby blanket size), Genesas (which utilize the sub atomic structure of nature also known as a cube-octahedren), and his Original Light Table that feature 960 formulations using Amazonian plant extracts, gem and flower essences & essential oils, sacred geometry and Colour Therapy. His newest products are bio-field generators which transform “bad EMFs” into balancing earth frequencies for your home, office or mobile devices.

Arthur is the proud father to Azadeh, and he works with his life partner, Ann, to offer  spiritual support and education. Arthur continues to share via radio shows, colour meditations & private healing sessions across the globe, bringing forward his vast knowledge of light communication within the body.