Daniela Megalove

Lifestyle Down to Earth

Daily practices to live a sustainable life, reduce consumerism, and live in divine harmony with mother nature.

“The time is now, creators. Today is the only gift—it is all we got. Here is a new chance to rise into our ecosystem, heal the ego and realize it takes all of us to bring paradise on Earth. Join us passionate change-makers and lovers of all kinds. As above, so below, imperfect, and perfect just like Mother Earth: unified by birth. The revolution starts within, from home, and it takes some heart to Love Cycle our planet.

Love Cycle creates and participates in projects that are in alignment with unconditional love, for our planet and humanity in every way possible. We are adopting and sharing daily actions like recycling and reusing every piece of Earth as a piece of our hearts. We are applying ancient wisdom, like permaculture and natural medicine to grow organic food forests and make our own products.

Join the revolution today. “Be” the change from anywhere. Take one green action, open your heart and allow gratitude in. Send us a picture of you helping save our nature or post it and tag us. We will send you a sustainable, artsy gift from the source. We love to connect in any way; reach out and join us on an adventure or a call.

You are so giving; life, Pachamama, Earth, Mother Nature, the universe, you, me, whatever you call this plane of existence; it is us, it is all we got. We love birds, flowers, grass, water, fires, winds, and all as we are. Thank you for practicing self-love with us, gratitude is where it’s at. We love you!”