Dante Starshine

Pleiadian Council

My name is Dante and my true passion and joy is in sharing and supporting the collective awakening of this planet!

I began a journey of self-healing 8 years ago that lead me to explore many spiritual and psychological modalities, including yoga and meditation, plant medicine, Reiki and quantum energy work, channeling, shamanic/astral journeying, and much more. As my journey unfolded, I was offered the opportunity by higher dimensional beings known as the Pleiadians to be a channel for them, and offer the service of being an anchor for their frequency on this planet by being their voice.

I travel around the world, and open sacred healing spaces fusing cacao, channeling, heart-sharing, sound/energy healing, and intuitive guidance. I work to guide others to return to Love, connecting deeper with their Soul and Higher Self, and developing the tools and understanding to heal themselves, change their lives, and be a light beacon and teacher for those around them.