Dr. George Love

Oriental Medicine

Doctor of Oriental Medicine aka Zhenwu, spiritual warrior, physician, and scholar who teaches health & spirituality.

Although he is known for his acupuncture skills, George is a recognized healer in many communities. His main mentor, Professor B.Y. Lee transmitted his family lineage of Qigong to him in 1983. From Master Lee he learned qigong massage (energy medicine or vibrational healing). He studied with shamans from Morocco and Togo utilizing his skills in rhythmic healing percussion to trance. From them he learned how to elicit information from the patients’ energy field and how to draw healing energy directly from nature.

After thirty years of clinical experience Dr. Love has distilled the essence of illness and the nature of true health into a few select teachings. “Avoid adrenal exhaustion and cultivate your essence with daily Qigong.” Zhen Wu teaches Meridian Qigong in Boca Raton and in Margate at the University of Martial Arts. As Lung Qing Qi Gong lineage holder, Zhen Wu (Dr. Love) continually refers to ancient wisdom.

In the yellow emperor’s classic from ancient China, the medical student is taught that the superior physician does not solely treat diseases or even patients, but also seeks to heal the societal dysfunctions that are so often at the root of many illnesses through teaching the correct way of living (a prescient tale about combating the effects of stress in the “modern” urban world). American lifestyle with it’s fast pace is like running out of gas half way through the race (adrenal exhaustion is called yang depletion and is just waiting to happen).

In ancient China, people practiced the Dao, the Way of Healthy Happiness. They understood the principle of balance, the yin and yang symbol, as represented by the transformation of the energies of the universe. They formulated the practice of Qigong, exercises combining stretch, self-massage, and breathing to promote energy flow, and meditation to help maintain and harmonize themselves with the universe.

The sages ate a balanced diet at regular times, arose and retired at regular hours, avoided overstressing their bodies and minds, and refrained from overindulgence of all kinds. They maintained well being of body and mind. They were called Immortals and it is not surprising that they lived over one hundred years and reflect the Chinese principle of looking to balance and nature for healing.

Dr. Love is a doctor in the ancient sense as teacher and he is a physician in the ancient sense as one who knows and understands the physical laws of healing. His teachings are the Science of Health and Happiness, a monthly intensive taught ten times a year. The two main courses are Unlock 4 Doors to Health- a weekend workshop and 21 Days to Wellness a four week course.

He travels to many cities with his Virtual school – 4 Doors to Health University that feeds your mind, balances your emotions, nourishes and relaxes your body. Self-healing courses include Juice Feasting, Meridian Qigong Therapy, Psycho-puncture and psycho-pressure. For those who want to upgrade their skills we provide Food Therapy based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spiritual Anatomy and Acupressure, Massage Your Ears to Health/Ear Reflexology and Acu-Magnet therapy. If you would like to sponsor a lecture please contact us.

Prevention, Self-Healing and Therapy are the fundamental natural principles that lead to good health for all ages. From age 18-34 one should practice prevention like monthly juice feasting. From age 35-54 one should practice self-healing like daily Qigong and after age 55 one should seek a qualified doctor of oriental medicine for acupuncture and meridian therapy. Dr. Love combines oriental bodywork called Tui-Na with qigong therapy, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy and spinal manipulation.