Felipe Leall

Gaia Union InterCultural Alianze

‘GAIA’ as a concept reflects the magnificent network and living organism of which all beings are part of and of which our environment is also a part of. It is a great holistic integral system in which we all participate naturally through the flow of energy, information, physical and biological resources that allow for life as we know it.

General Objetives Beyond the conference.

Generate administrative processes necessary to plan, organize, direct and control the movement of resources in a network based on a sacred and solidarity economy.

Create diverse Online and Presencial Gatherings and Activities that create scenarios of Economic, Social, Cultural, Educational, Ecological and Spiritual that promote Good Living.

Facilitate the articulation of persons, of the diverse social groups and the variety of knowledge, generating scenarios of InterAction, Learning, Training and NetWorking.

Offer all kinds of Conscious Information and quality Practical Proposals. Above all, the importance is the Awakening of Consciousness and the Harmonization of Energy. Thanks to the commitment of those that feel the Call from their Heart to activate this Proposals, in any of its facets, in whichever part of the World, to benefit their surroundings and contribute to a Universal Cosmic Weaving for a Better World.