Heinz Pahl-Kaupp

Sacred Geometry & Architecture

Trailblazing eco-architect Heinz Pahl-Kaupp has built a nearly four-decade career out of mimicking nature in his work. The German-born designer developed a fondness for urban design while living as a teen on his parents’ (decidedly rural) farm in 1970. That interest led him to study in Berlin, where he would become acquainted with bio-architecture and ecology and ultimately help shape the contemporary incarnation of eco-architecture, starting in the 1980s. But it wasn’t until the late 1990s that he would find his true calling. After attending a seminar on Sacred Geometry, he made the connection that sparked his signature brand, Sacred Geometry Architecture.

Simply put, Sacred Geometry Architecture marries modern architecture with principles of creation, nature and geometrical archetypes. While these iconic designs have been around for millennia, particularly prominent in religious architecture, Pahl-Kaupp began importing them into the secular realm.

Having studied architecture through the various lenses of aesthetics, ethics, economics and psychology, Pahl-Kaupp brings a spiritual approach to his creations. He sees his buildings as a “third skin” (after actual skin and clothing). They’re designed to not only provide comfort, but also to inspire good health. Specifically, Sacred Geometry Architecture helps to balance energy and lift spirits, harmonize and stabilize effects on existing energy fields, facilitate meditation, relieve stress, improve attitude, increase self-esteem and confidence and augment physical and mental healing.