Kim Hoyner

Transcending Fear

Kim teaches healing our inner child, shifting perspectives and unlocking our powerful minds to achieve unlimited potential and abundance. She understands that evolving to achieve our full potential is a journey that requires daily commitment and practice, thus the name “Journey Evolve” (JE).

We are all on our own unique journeys of learning and soul growth. Change typically does not happen overnight, but true transformation is a life long journey. At Journey Evolve, we believe we all deserve to live blissfully happy lives!!! We have the right to do more of what we love and cut out the activities that are holding us back. At Journey Evolve, Kim and her network of trusted professionals teach you how to start living a life of true abundance. Kim’s philosophy is simple and effective: Change the way we view the world and the world we view changes.

Kim’s unique approach keeps people motivated, engaged and excited on their transformational journey. Kim believes in making mind practice, healthy eating habits and movement fun. When you embrace a mindset of “lets go play” vs. “lets go work”, you enjoy every moment of the pursuit of mind, body and spiritual health.

Kim has many years of life and professional experience giving her the ability to help people evolve from any current reality. She is the mother of four beautiful children. She loves experiencing new culture. She is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys all things nature and routinely frolics by dancing, teaching yoga, hiking, cycling, kayaking, rafting, snow boarding, and snow shoeing.