Tsunami Diamond

Building a New Earth
Host, Speaker & Performer

Tsunami will be hosting the Harmonizing Humanity Summit along with Angie Rainbow G & The Eco Rainbow Goddesses.

Tsunami is a former Celebrity Hair Stylist turned Social Entrepreneur and Founder of ASCENDED & Harmonizing Humanity. He is also a Shaman, Healer, Musician, Speaker, Technology Inventor, and Warrior of Light, who is dedicated to helping shape a brighter future for all of humanity any way he can. He has spent most of his life studying all major religions, ancient texts, spiritual teachings, and modern-day science and technologies to form a new system for the modern age. Not a religion, but a way of life, designed to activate our fullest human potential and accelerate the ascension process by raising our vibration and activating our dormant DNA.

As a musician, Tsunami Diamond is a singer-songwriter and rapper who blends multiple genres of sounds along with powerful lyrics to create a new type of music for the awakened generations. His debut album “The Awakening” is set to launch in 2020. With the skills he has refined and embedded within, in listening to this album one may open the floodgates of self-reflection. Tsunami challenges you to make your life a masterpiece and sings the song of pure change – kundalini. The music found within this album is the motive force, the catalyst, the unifying thread to meaningful paradigmatic change. “The Awakening” is Now.

Aside from his music endeavors, Tsunami is trained in many different healing modalities ranging from Crystal Healing, Radionics, Color & Sound Therapy and Reflexology – Tsunami is also a Usui Reiki Master, Atlantean Reiki Master, Lemurian Light Healer, Egyptian Alchemist and Shamanic initiate of the 9 Rites of The Munay-Ki.

Tsunami currently has several new impact projects he is working on such as producing the Harmonizing Humanity Global Summit, developing the first Eco-Futuristic Resort & Healing Village in Costa Rica, called Ascendia. He is also launching different wellness technologies that combine Sound, Light, Frequency, Magnetics, Scalar & Plasma technologies. 

Tsunami is here to help build the new earth and unite tribes of lightworkers from around the world so that we can join forces and co-create our new reality in full sovereignty. He is driven to help actively build new societal systems for the new earth paradigm so that we can begin moving out of the old systems which are currently collapsing before our eyes. Over the last years, Tsunami has been joining forces with many tribe leaders, innovators, doctors, healers, creators  &  way-showers from around the world to begin connecting the dots so we can heal the planet and accelerate the ascension of humanity.