Veronica Anderson

Sacred Architecture

Buildings, communities, and spaces have the potential to uplift humanity into higher states of consciousness, connection, and well-being using alchemical practices and principles including sacred geometry, the elements, astrology, and other energetic frameworks. Based on a combined 25 years of Zen, mindfulness, spiritual practice, geodesign, architecture and urban design practice, Veronica shares her visionary perspective on sustainable development for a New Earth. Around the planet, a revolution of regenerative culture is emerging now, the human family is coming into awareness of our collective relationship to Gaia and realizing how our society impacts the whole of all life on Earth. Using feminine leadership principles, Veronica shares how our cities and buildings can facilitate attunement to Mother Earth so that we can collectively heal disease, harmonize planetary imbalances, and facilitate compassion, peace, and love on Earth. First we design our buildings, and then they design us; sacred architecture is a powerful tool to help humanity actualize its potential as stewards of the Earth.